Throw Back

saxophone quartet

Duration 7’
Instrumentation soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones
First Performance April 2008, Royal College of Music, London; Sirocco Saxophone Quartet
Commissioned by the Sirocco Saxophone Quartet
Recording Catch The Sirocco Saxophone Quartet
Further Performances
8.1.09 Park Lane Group Concert, Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London, Sirocco Saxophone Quartet
5.3.11 Scandinavian Saxophone Festival, Adventskykan, Hallsberg, Sweden, Nordic Saxophone Quartet
6.3.11 Scandinavian Saxophone Festival, Olaus Petri kyrka, Örebro, Sweden, Nordic Saxophone Quartet
10-15.6.12 World Saxophone Congress, St Andrews, Scotland, Sirocco Saxophone Quartet
26.02.16 Throw Back (Mov. 1) Musikaliska, Stockholm, Sweden Nordic Saxophone Quartet

Charlotte’s saxophone quartet Throw Back was written for the Sirocco Quartet in 2007. The title refers to the process the music has undergone in the outer movements- the third movement being an inversion of the first harmonically- the chord progression is seen in retrograde. This harmonic material is based on a musical cipher of the quartet’s alto player’s name, Greta Schaller. The lively and virtuosic middle movement utilises a similar harmonic language but is freely constructed, focusing on solo lines within the ensemble.