Chapter One

solo piano

Duration 12’
Instrumentation piano
First Performance 30 July 2013, West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, UK; Cambridge Suzuki Young Musicians
Charlotte has a worldwide, exclusive publishing agreement with Birdsong
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Further Performances
6.11.15 Burgh House and Hampstead Museum, Annie Yim piano

Chapter One is a collection of four short pieces, written as gifts for various friends to celebrate the births of their children. Exploring the piano in various ways, the pieces are intended to be played by children and adults alike.

Song for Cici
Written in celebration of the birth of Cicilia Spires. Song for Cici explores the character traits of the name Cicilia. The piece is lyrical and hushed, sweetly singing, with a more animated central section.

Written in celebration of the birth of Albert Edward Reeve. Lively and energetic, the cheeky opening motive of Albie! is made up of the letters of his name that translate directly into musical letters (A B and E). The fast pace is somewhat relentless, the energy carrying through to the end.

Written in remembrance of Thomas Davies. This is an expressive lament, as if crying out for understanding or reasoning where there is none.

Tuesday’s Child
Written in celebration of the birth of Oliver James Davies. A line taken from the traditional nursery rhyme Monday’s Child inspired the piece, ‘Tuesday’s Child is full of grace’. The piece is soothing and joyful and a gentle innocence sings throughout.