on the Other Shore

for solo cello
Duration 3’
Instrumentation cello
Commissioned by London Sinfonietta
First Performance Wednesday 23 September 2015, Kings Place, London; Tim Gill cello
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The title ‘on the Other Shore’ represents an idea explored through the piece of observing something from afar whilst not able to get close to it. As if suspended between two worlds, perhaps a metaphor for two souls searching for one another. At times the melody is like a beacon, strongly calling for the other to join. This is contrasted by a softer, intimate, hazy presence.

Resonating with my ideas, Anish Kapoor writes about how the relationship between individual beings is revealed in relation to his work ‘My Body, Your Body’ (1993), which “responds to the dialects of presence and absence, to the dialogue between the I and the other between emitter and receptor”.