Passing Shadows

solo guitar

Duration 7’30
Instrumentation guitar
Commissioned by the Britten-Pears Foundation for Antonis Hatzinikolaou
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Composed in the late spring of 2012, Passing Shadows is a collection of three movements. The composer writes that her aim was to focus on melody while exploring the various colours of the instrument: ‘The first movements lyrical passages are contrasted with more animated, enlivened sections. The second focuses on two part writing with melodies interspersed between a repeated note figure, which appears on three occasions. The final movement is faster and playful, with a little mysterious passage appearing twice.’ The work is notable for its clarity of line and structure, its elegant balance between varied ritonellos and more animated passages, and for such touches as the swooping glissandi of the final movement. Passing Shadows was commissioned by Antonis Hatzinikolaou with funds from the Britten-Pears Foundation and recorded in London in September 2012.
© 2013 Bayan Northcott