Por que tu não acorda?

mezzo soprano and small ensemble
2015 (revised 2021)

Duration 3’
Instrumentation mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet in A, celesta/piano, viola, cello
First Performance 20 February 2015, Elgar Concert Hall, Birmingham, UK; Lucy Schaufer mezzo-soprano, BCMG conducted by Richard Baker
Commissioned by the University of Birmingham
Further Performances
18.03.16 Frontiers Festival, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK; students of the Birmingham Conservatoire
12.03.19 ‘Women’s voices’: Leeds College of Music, UK
Charlotte has a worldwide, exclusive publishing agreement with Birdsong
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Arguably the most popular folk song from Brazil, Peixe Vivo, like many others, is wrapped in a musical paradox: expressing a deep longing full of nostalgia, yet resolutely upbeat and cheerful in its rendition. By contrast, Por que tu não acorda? is more reflective in its setting, with a slow, flowing tempo, perhaps more in the nature of chorinho (meaning “little cry”). Written in loving memory of Theodora, who passed away so young, haunting bossa nova rhythms can be heard intermittently underpinning the vocal line.