The Fox and the Crow

chamber opera

Duration 7’
Instrumentation soprano, baritone, harp, cello
First Performance August 2011, Têtê à Têtê Opera Festival
Libretto by Kate Kennedy
Directed by Bill Bankes-Jones
Commissioned by Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival
Charlotte has a worldwide, exclusive publishing agreement with Birdsong
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The Fox and the Crow is based on one of the ancient fables by Aesop – each story a ‘lite bite’, but a morsel with a punchy message. Here the animals show us the perils of vanity and self-love; if only the Crow hadn’t been so enamoured with the sound of her own voice, she would not have relinquished the cheese she held in her beak, and the flattering fox would not have triumphed!