All at Sea

solo piano

Duration 3’
Instrumentation piano
First Performance 7 January 2013, Purcell Room, London; Joseph Houston
Commissioned by the Park Lane Group for Joseph Houston to perform in their New Year Young Artist Series 2013
Charlotte has a worldwide, exclusive publishing agreement with Birdsong
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Further Performances
2.6.13 Platform33 Kings Place, London, Joseph Houston
16.8.22 Kirche auf Usedom, Germany; SooJin Anjou
5.9.22 Max Delbrück Center, Berlin; SooJin Anjou

All at Sea is perfectly still and shimmering, the surface movement of the music disguising its static nature. Through direct and subtly varied repetition the composer constantly disorientates the listener: we think we have arrived somewhere new, but quickly realise that we are hearing the same music, minutely altered. The music is a paradox: the listener is confronted with familiarity and the unknown simultaneously, resulting in an unsettling, circling journey.