Bring Me All Your Dreams

solo piano

Duration 6’
Instrumentation piano
Commissioned by Snape Maltings for the Aldeburgh Festival
First Performance 10 June 2019 by Pierre-Laurent Aimard at Snape Maltings Concert Hall
Charlotte has a worldwide, exclusive publishing agreement with Birdsong
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Further Performances
19.11.22 VINSEUM (the Museum of Wine Cultures), Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain; Miquel Villalba Castells
Tenri Cultural Center, New York US; Adam Sherkin – CONCERT POSTPONED
Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn US; Adam Sherkin – CONCERT POSTPONED
04.05.23 TBC Toronto, Canada; Adam Sherkin

To write something as perfect, precise, beautiful and enchanted as everything Olly wrote is most likely to be a lifelong quest for me. The lessons he so generously, openly and readily provided me will remain close to my heart as will the conviction he instilled in me as a composer. Bring Me All Your Dreams is written in memory of Olly and for my son Caio, who entered the world just a few months after Olly suddenly, sadly and unexpectedly made his exit.

The piece seeks to mimic the imaginings within the dream of a newborn child. The music floats and dances with tiny flutters and fleeting smiles, moving rapidly through various states of a luminous, secret world. The title Bring Me All Your Dreams is taken from the poem, The Dream Keeper, by Langston Hughes. The ‘heart melodies’ wrapped ‘in a blue cloud-cloth, away from the too-rough fingers of the world’ describe exactly the newborn’s dreaming I write about- innocent, inventive, playful and curious. Echoes of Olly’s Ophelia’s Last Dance pervade the work, hauntingly yet affectionately.