Off the Rails

solo piano

Duration 6’
Instrumentation piano
First Performance 14 July 2006, Cheltenham Ladies College, Cheltenham, England; Nicola Eimer
Commissioned by Nicola Eimer for the Cheltenham International Music Festival 2006
Charlotte has a worldwide, exclusive publishing agreement with Birdsong
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Further Performances
1.4.08 National Portrait Gallery, London; Adam Sherkin
2.6.13 Platform33 Kings Place, London; Joseph Houston
16.8.22 Kirche auf Usedom, Germany; SooJin Anjou
5.9.22 Max Delbrück Center, Berlin; SooJin Anjou

Off the Rails describes an oasis of tranquillity amid a harsh, explosive landscape. These two contrasting moods are constantly interspersed until each begins to take on characteristics of the other as the piece gravitates towards its inevitable climax.